Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Node

IAM3DHUB is a digital innovation centre specialised in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption and development of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies as an alternative way to design, develop and create new products in order to boost companies’ competitiveness and contribute to a more sustainable industry and world.


Testing and experimentation

In order to acquire knowledge and confidence in technologies, the hub currently offers the following activities:

  • Initial contact with the expert.
  • Diagnoses in companies. Screening for industrial applications that may use AM/3DP.
  • AM/3DP capabilities and limitations for manufacturing purposes.
  • Selection of materials and processes.
  • Benchmarking and testing for product development.
  • Guided tours of the different AM/3DP laboratories.
  • Practical workshop/Lab-Day.
  • Use and testing with AM/3DP technologies installed.

Testing and Experimentation includes services such as:

  • Dissemination and awareness. Good practices and success stories.
  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Technology testing and experimentation

Testing and experimentation

End-to-end solutions

In order to develop “end-to-end solutions”, the centre currently provides the following possibilities:

“Living Lab” for designing, redesigning, exploring, experimenting with and redefining new products based on additive manufacturing, in real life scenarios:

  • Design, redesign, engineering and product development until its industrialisation with AM/3DP.
  • Evaluation of its feasibility and potential innovation impact before production.
  • Application of heat treatments and surface finishes (polishing, coatings) to obtain the appearance and behaviour of the final product.
  • Testing and certification of product manufactured via AM/3DP.

Where to study and design digital manufacturing plants based on AM/3DP:

  • Optimised design and distribution of industrial plant to improve productivity and efficiency.

End-to-End Solutions includes services such as:

  • Dissemination and awareness. Good practices and success stories.
  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions.
  • Technology consulting.

End-to-end solutions

Training and Education

In order to provide the digital skills necessary for the adoption of AM/3DP, the centre provides industrial training programmes and theoretical and practical professional training to company staff throughout the value chain as well as workshops for training trainers.

The Hub also offers an ideal environment for academic training, such as by providing guest professors, collaboration in Master’s degree programmes from different universities, PhDs, etc. and in the implementation of STEAM programmes.

The aim is to promote an official Master’s degree between different international universities and the Hub itself, as well as to achieve the standardisation and certification of the training provided by renowned international organisations such as the EWF.

Training and Education includes services such as:

  • Dissemination and awareness. Good practices and success stories
  • Technology testing and experimentation
  • Training

Training and Education

Business and Mentoring

In order to evaluate the potential implementation of additive manufacturing technologies, mechanisms are established to initiate, drive, incubate and accelerate new business models based on AM/3DP with different services, depending on whether dealing with a new business or accelerating the adoption of AM solutions in an existing company.

The services that will be provided for new companies include:

  • Technological evaluation
  • Identification of emerging technologies and acceleration of adoption
  • Market research
  • Commercial feasibility studies
  • Identification of routes in the market
  • Definition and evaluation of business models
  • Funding
  • Identification of partners and collaborators
  • IP protection
  • IP licenses
  • Sales strategies

The services that will be provided for accelerating the adoption of AM solutions in an existing company will include:

  • Assessment of the level of maturity of the company for the adoption of AM/3DP.
  • Analysis of the potential for adoption.
  • Identification and resolution of technical challenges that allow large-scale production.
  • Development of operating procedures, specifications and standards.
  • Design and execution strategy.
  • Simulation and validation of AM integration at the factory level.
  • Supply chain development.
  • Support in buying and selling decisions.
  • Simulation and validation of AM integration at the business level.

Business and Mentoring includes services such as:

  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Partner search and innovation ecosystem.
  • Access to funding.

Business and Mentoring


Design/Engineering and Simulation Software (CAD-FEA)

Includes modelling software (Solidworks, Rhinoceros-Grasshopper, Materialise Magics, Autodesk Netfabb and Catia) and simulation software (Altair and Ansys).

Design/Engineering and Simulation Software (CAD-FEA)

Specific file processing software for 3D printing and reverse engineering digitalisation

The available media include the following software: Materialize Magics, QuantAM Renishaw, HP SmartStream 3D, Build Manager, Autodesk Netfabb, Perform Formlabs, Intamsuite Intamsys, CatalystEX Stratasys, GrabCAD Stratasys, Insight Stratasys, Inspire Hexagon, Sinterit Studio and Polyworks.

Specific file processing software for 3D printing and reverse engineering digitalisation

3D printing machinery

The node has the following technologies:

  • Selective Laser Melting (SLM). 2 Renishaw machines.
  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF). 3 HP machines.
  • VatPhotopolymerisation. 2 LCD machines – Photocentric, 1 DLS 3DSystems Machine and 2 Forrmlabs SLA machines.
  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM, FFF). 9 machines (Stratasys, BigRep, Kodak, Intamsys, BCN3D and Tiertime).
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). 1 Sinterit machine.
  • Multi Jet Modelling (Polyjet). 1 Stratasys machine.
  • Binder Jetting. 1 Voxeljet VX200 machine.
  • Filament extruder. 1 3D EVO machine.

3D printing machinery and Additive Manufacturing

Previous/additional post-processing and mechanised machinery

The following machinery is available: 2 sandblasting machines with ceramic and metal abrasive (Abrast), 1 cleaning machine with high-pressure water, 2 air sandblasting machines, 1 graphite sandblasting machine, 2 vibration finishing machines ( Abrast), 1 dyeing machine (DyeMansion), 1 curing oven, 1 shot blasting machine (Abrast), 1 ultrasonic cleaner (Terratech), 1 cleaning station for soluble media (CleanStation), 2 cleaning stations (formlabs), 2 curing stations (formlabs).

Machinery for post-processes, coatings and finishes

Equipment for developing and characterising materials

The node has equipment for the synthesis and processing of polymers (Brabender TSE-20, Rondol 10MM Twinscrew benchtop compo, Retsch ZM200, 3devo Precision 450, Scharlab HME-R and Göttfert Melt Indexer MI-3 among others), functional coatings and surface treatments (Plasma Treat FG3001 + RD1004, Diener Electronic Tetra-30-LF-PC, Hildebrand HE33-DP5, Ugolini SP/Simplex etc.), electrochemistry laboratory, photonics laboratory, automation and robotics ( UR10 and ABB IRB6620), electronics and sensors (instrumentation, LPKF Minicontal IS prototyping equipment, etc.), preparation and characterisation of nanomaterials and nanofibers and metallography (Metkon Metacut 302, Buehler Automet 250, SEM Phenom and KLA-Tencor Alpha Step d 600 3D, among others).

Equipment for testing and characterising parts

It has equipment for 3D scanning and reverse engineering, optical and electron microscopy, chemical analysis and reaction to fire, as well as an endowment for metrology, consisting of 1 XR scanner structured white light, 1 Romer Absolute Arm metrology arm and 1 ATOS ScanBox 4105 metrology arm. It also has equipment for testing and simulating ageing: climate tests, UV radiation, xenon test and corrosion tests.

Equipment for developing and characterising materials

Main technologies:

AM/3D Printing, Design, Simulation, Enginering & Manufacturing Software

AM/3D Printing Advanced materials

Digital AM/3DP Factory / Intelligent Manufacturing

AM/3DP Final Application Solutions

Consulting for AM/3DP Implementation and services

Other important technologies:

Surface, Thermal Treatments, Coatings & Special Finishings

Testing and Characterization Technologies



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