The supercomputing node is the platform to access high-performance computing-based solutions and services for industry and public administration, in order to accelerate their digital and technological transformation.

The main objective of this node is the promotion of the Catalan innovation ecosystem in supercomputing, led by BSC and with the support of CSUC, CIMNE, URV, UAB (PIC), including also companies in the sector such as HPCnow, SUBMER and recent spin-offs of members of the node.

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Dissemination and awareness

Discover Supercomputing

In order to provide companies with a basic and initial knowledge about the possibilities of using supercomputing and Big Data in their businesses, the service adopts different formats depending on the number, the maturity of the company in the use of the HPC and the possibility of doing it on-site or not. The essential service is based on a presentation aimed at more than 5 companies. Personalized meetings can also be arranged in the case of highly specialized technologies or due to confidentiality requirements.

Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of action

Maturity test in the use of HPC

The service consists of a personalized meeting to assess the company’s maturity in the use of HPC and Big Data. This preparatory meeting is very useful to focus on the need of the company and guide it to the most suitable experts to find a solution. This meeting can be done in person or virtually depending on the possibilities. The test categorizes the level of maturity of the company and thus defines the next steps to be taken towards collaboration with the infrastructure.

Creating the collaboration roadmap

The service consists of a specialized meeting in which the needs of the company and the possible approaches to one or more of their solutions are evaluated jointly between the representatives of the company and the experts of the node. A roadmap is developed to press on the possible collaboration between the company and the node. The commitments of each of the parties are also defined.

Technological consultation

HPC company project

This service includes a set of possible collaborations with the node in various formats depending on the project. The node’s resources are made available to the company as part of a jointly defined project. Licenses are offered on the node’s patents and on its own software and apps. Other ways of collaborating through ad hoc projects are also analysed according to the needs of the company.

Testing and experimentation

Support in the use of supercomputing

This service provides support in the use of supercomputing resources, which includes the assistance of specialized node technicians for project implementation and efficient use of specific infrastructure. Access is achieved through the technical evaluation of the proposal and the level of support required (basic, intermediate, advanced).


Skills and expertise
  • Big Data
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
Master's program and Postgraduate

Main technologies

To carry it out, we assess you on the following technologies:

  • AI
  • Data
  • Digital Twin
  • Supercomputing


We have centres and infrastructures of renowned reputation:

  • MareNostrum4
  • Acuario Cluster (CIMNE)
  • Cluster Dades PIC

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