The Intelligent Connectivity node led by I2CAT offers the possibility to SMEs and the public sector to work with and test all those technologies that allow people, devices, buildings, cars, etc. to connect to the network and among themselves in order to intelligently exchange, process, and analyse data.

The adoption of 5G allows these connections to work with minimum latencies and maximum capacity, among many other features which, at the same time, make them more secure and able to respond to more and more sectors, not only at the industry 4.0 level, but also at the health level, in autonomous connected smart mobility, in logistics, in agriculture and rural environments, and in smart cities among others.

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Technological consultation

Consultancy service previous to testing and experimentation

Support in the design and definition of proof of concept and pilot projects for the application of advanced digital technologies (5G, blockchain, drones…) that will be executed in the laboratory or available infrastructures, including the design and planning of facilities to carry out the pilots.

Knowledge Transfer Services (KTP)

With the aim of improving the competitiveness of a company and encouraging relevant research for the business, the KTP program, a knowledge transfer service, is launched. A program that facilitates the transfer of technology, skills and knowledge between a research organization and a company.

Testing and experimentation

Access to infrastructures

The aim of this service is to promote innovation among companies. Infrastructures will be offered to showcase technologies and solutions, access to laboratories to test technologies, as well as expert support for experimenting and testing. Support in the technical definition of concept tests and / or pilots to be executed in the laboratory or available infrastructures, including the design and planning of the facilities in which to carry out the pilots, will also be offered.

Main technologies

To carry it out, we assess you on the following technologies:

  • Smart connectivity
  • IOT
  • Cybersecurity


We have centres and infrastructures of renowned reputation:

  • Urban laboratory at 22@
  • AI4Cyber Laboratories
  • RV lab and holopresence

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