IAM3DHUB is a digital innovation hub specialized in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption and development of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies,

as an alternative way to design, develop and produce new products, in order to increase the degree of competitiveness of companies and contribute to a more sustainable industry and world.

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Testing and experimentation

Hub activities

In order to achieve knowledge and confidence in the technologies, the hub currently offers the following activities:

  • First contact with the expert.
  • Diagnosis for companies. Screening of industrial applications that may use AM/3DP.
  • AM/3DP capabilities and limitations for manufacturing purposes.
  • Selection of materials and processes.
  • Benchmarking and testing for product development.
  • Guided tours of the different AM/3DP labs.
  • Practical workshop/Lab-day.
  • Use and testing of the installed AM/3DP technologies.
Testing and experimentation

Testing and experimentation include the following services:

  • Dissemination and awareness. Good practices and success cases
  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions
  • Technology consulting
  • Technology testing and experimentation

From start to finish

Solutions from start to finish

In order to develop “solutions from start to finish”, the centre currently offers the following possibilities:

  • “Living Lab” to design, redesign, explore, experiment and redefine new products based on additive manufacturing, in real life scenarios:
  • Design, redesign, engineering and product development until its industrialization with AM / 3DP.
  • Evaluate its feasibility and impact of innovation potential before its production.
  • Application of heat treatments and surface finishes – polishes, coatings… – to obtain the appearance and behaviour of the final product.
  • Testing and certification of the product manufactured using AM / 3DP.

Where to study and design digital manufacturing plants based on AM / 3DP:

  • Optimized design and distribution of industrial plant to improve productivity and efficiency.
End-to-End Solutions
  • Dissemination and awareness. Best practices and success stories
  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions
  • Technology consulting


Skills and expertise
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
  • Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (EfAM)
  • Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Additive Manufacturing Post Pro
  • AM Busines&Mentoring
Life-long learning and re-skilling of industrial professionals

Business and mentoring


In order to evaluate the potential implementation of additive manufacturing technologies, mechanisms are established to initiate, drive, incubate and accelerate new business models based on AM/3DP with different services, depending on whether it is starting business or if, on the contrary, we are in the process of accelerating the adoption of AM solutions of an already existing company.


The services offered to new companies are as follows:

  • Technological evaluation
  • Identification of emergent technologies and adoption acceleration
  • Market research
  • Commercial feasibility studies
  • Identification of market routes
  • Definition and evaluation of business models
  • Financing
  • Identification of partners and collaborators
  • IP protection
  • IP licensing
  • Sales strategies
Services for processes acceleration

The services offered for the process of acceleration of AM solutions adoption to an already existing company are as follows:

  • Assessing the maturity level of the company for AM/3DP adoption.
  • Analysis of adoption potential.
  • Identification and resolution of the technical challenges that allow large-scale production.
  • Development of operating procedures, specifications and standards.
  • Design and execution strategy
  • Simulation and validation of AM integration at the factory level.
  • Development of the supply chain.
  • Support in buying and selling decisions.
  • Simulation and validation of AM integration at the business level.
Business and Mentoring

Business and mentoring include the following services:

  • Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of action
  • Technology consulting
  • Partner search and innovative ecosystem
  • Access to financing

Main technologies

To carry it out, we assess you on the following technologies:

  • AM/3D Printing Design
  • Advanced materials
  • Digital AM/3DP Factory
  • AM/3DP Final
  • Consulting AM/3DP


We have centres and infrastructures of renowned reputation:

  • 3D printing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Post processes
  • Equipment

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