The Artificial Intelligence node is articulated by the CIDAI – Center of Innovation for Data Tech and Artificial Intelligence, a public-private initiative that promotes the transfer of knowledge and the realization of joint projects between knowledge-generating entities (universities, research and innovation centres), companies providing technology and services, and companies and user institutions demanding innovative solutions in applied artificial intelligence.

CIDAI aims at accelerating the adoption of reliable Artificial Intelligence in the business world and in society, as well as to strengthen the Catalan Artificial Intelligence ecosystem as an international reference pole by creating a connected, active and dynamic community that involves most of the agents of the sector.

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Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of action

Self-diagnosis of opportunity and application of advanced analytics and AI

Service for organizations with low-medium digital maturity, with some knowledge about the potential of advanced data analytics and/or AI. It consists of a web service through which a company can carry out a self-diagnosis to find out how mature it is to incorporate advanced analytics and AI technologies, and some initial recommendations on the steps to follow to incorporate such technologies.

To access the self-diagnosis, click on the following link: Self-diagnosis tool

Lean diagnostic service and opportunities in advanced analytics and AI
  • Service aimed at organizations with medium digital maturity who are interested in identifying how advanced analytics and AI could improve their business and activity. The service wants to guide the customer in the feasibility of a possible application of AI in the organization (product or process approach).
  • Advisory service provided by a CIDAI partner technology expert. Two sessions (2.5 hours per session) with the person in charge of the organization to assess the digital maturity of the entity and assess opportunities in AI. The service lasts a total of 30 hours in total, of which 5 are the estimated duration of the visits in person/online sessions, and the rest are dedicated to the preparation of a recommendations report.

For more information go to the following link: Diagnosi Lean

Strategy and technological roadmap in AI and data

Service for organizations with a medium digital maturity who are interested in identifying opportunities to apply advanced analytics and AI, and how they could incorporate them. Advisory service carried out by a technological expert, in which, through various sessions with the managers of the different units and areas of the organization, the current state of digital maturity is collected, followed by a diagnosis with the possible initiatives. These initiatives are arranged by priorities, so that a personalized roadmap can be drawn up for the short, medium and long term adoption of AI.

Technological consultation

Trend analysis, studies and whitepapers

Access to the latest trends, technological advances and market situation in AI and data, based on the expert knowledge of CIDAI members. The client may request further studies focused on technological and prospective monitoring, more generic or specific studies relating to a particular field.

Feasibility study of technological challenges

Study of the analysis of the technical-economic feasibility of incorporating data and AI technologies to solve specific technological challenges (projects / processes).

New business models around AI and data

Service to identify new business model through data and AI. The service is focused, on the one hand, on supporting the conceptualization of new services and intensive solutions in AI and, on the other hand, on supporting the conceptualization of new business models based on the use of data. and AI.

Support in identifying opportunities and defining technical specifications.

Advice on the development of technical specifications for systems and solutions associated with potential opportunities to incorporate data and AI technologies.

Testing and experimentation

Support in the set up and implementation of RDI projects

Expert support is key for a successful project, especially for SMEs with few human resources specialized in AI and data. This is why CIDAI proposes a set of specific services to facilitate and speed up the implementation of a data and AI based project, at par with the stage in which the project is, from an early identified opportunity, covering the conceptualization and specification of requirements, the design of the architecture, to the elaboration of a proof of concept or the evaluation of a developed AI model. The possibility to access differentiated technology resources and capabilities enables SMEs to accelerate the implementation of new data and AI projects.

Data Lake design and configuration support, big data and real-time analytics (streaming) architectures

Assessment on the design and configuration of the best big data architecture and/or real-time analytics in accordance with the requirements and technical needs to be met in the project or process.

Synthetic data generation for AI model training

Ability to generate synthetic data that emulates the quality of the original data (initial data set) to facilitate the training of AI models and avoid the processing and direct use of real data.

Data sharing for AI model training

Provision of a data sharing platform: data storage; data sharing with customers and partners; conditions of use established by the company or entity; customizable frequency of access and permissions; data analytics and AI application.

Concept testing services for the validation of pre-implementation results

Accompaniment and/or realization of a proof of concept implementation project that allows the validation of the utility and feasibility of the application of data and the AI technologies, as well as the best technology and AI models to use in the implementation of the subsequent final solution.

Partner search and innovative ecosystem

Connection with entities and companies. Matchmaking

Identifying the right contact to undertake a data and AI project is a key piece for the Catalan company. In this sense, CIDAI will facilitate the contacting of entities that request it with other entities linked to the field of AI and data. This matchmaking service can be carried out in two ways: through the provision of contact to these entities or through support in making direct contact. The service will be based on the expert knowledge of CIDAI partners’ Catalan and European entities and companies and will later be complemented by the mapping work that CIDAI will carry out around AI and data. This service is primarily intended for businesses.


Skills and expertise
  • Data technologies
  • Computer Vision and Innovation
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Reasoning systems
  • Big Data

Main technologies

To carry it out, we assess you on the following technologies:

  • AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud
  • Data
  • Digital Twin
  • Embedded
  • IOT
  • 5G
  • Smart Factory
  • V&AR
  • Supercomputing


We have centres and infrastructures of renowned reputation:

  • MareNostrum
  • I. Federades
  • Sandbox
  • Marketplace
  • ChaLearn
  • Reading
  • Living Lab
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity

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