Artificial Intelligence Node

The Artificial Intelligence Node (CIDAI) is a public-private initiative that promotes the transfer of knowledge and the implementation of joint projects between knowledge-generating bodies (universities, research and innovation centres), companies providing technology and services and user companies and institutions demanding innovative solutions in data technologies and artificial intelligence. CIDAI aims to accelerate the adoption of reliable artificial intelligence in the business world and in society, as well as to strengthen the Catalan Artificial Intelligence ecosystem as a leading international hub by creating a connected, active and dynamic community involving most stakeholders.


Self-diagnosis of opportunity for application of advanced analytics and AI

Service aimed at organisations with low-medium digital maturity, without knowledge of the possibilities of advanced data analytics and/or AI. It consists of a web service through which a company can carry out a self-diagnosis to find out how mature it is to be able to incorporate advanced analytics and AI technologies and some initial recommendations on the next steps to follow to incorporate such technologies.

Lean service for diagnosis and opportunities in advanced analytics and AI

Service for organisations with medium digital maturity that are interested in identifying how advanced analytics and AI could improve their business and activity. The service aims to support the customer in the feasibility of a possible application of AI in the organisation (product or process approach).

Advisory service provided by a CIDAI partner technology expert. Two sessions (2.5 hours per session) with the person in charge of the organisation to assess its digital maturity and opportunities in AI. The service has a sizing of 30 hours in total, of which 5 hours would be the estimated duration of the visits in person/online session and the rest would be dedicated to preparing the report.

The partners will have the tools offered by CIDAI for their execution (self-diagnosis).

Strategy and technological roadmap in AI and data

Service for organisations with medium digital maturity that are interested in identifying opportunities for the application of advanced analytics and AI and how they should move forward to incorporate it. Advisory service carried out by a technological expert in which the current state at the level of digital maturity is collected through several sessions with the heads of the different units and areas of the organisation. A diagnosis is then presented with the possible initiatives identified and prioritised. Finally, a personalised roadmap is developed in the short, medium and long term for the adoption of AI.

Diagnosis, strategic reflection and definition of actions

Analysis of trends, studies and whitepapers

Access to the latest trends, technological advances and market situation in AI and data, based on the expert knowledge of CIDAI members. The client will be able to request studies on demand that are more focused on technological and prospective surveillance, more generic studies or specific studies for a specific field.

Feasibility study of technological challenges

Study to analyse the technical-economic feasibility of incorporating data and AI technologies to solve specific technological challenges (projects/processes).

New business models based on AI and data

CIDAI makes available to all entities the service of identifying new business models through data and AI. The service focuses on supporting the conceptualisation of new services and intensive solutions in AI and data while also supporting the conceptualisation of new business models based on the use of data and AI.

Support in identifying opportunities and defining technical specifications

Advice on the creation of technical specifications of systems and solutions associated with potential opportunities for the incorporation of data and AI technologies.

Technology consulting

Data Lake design and configuration support service, big data and real-time analytics architecture (streaming)

Advice on the design and configuration of the best big data and/or real-time analytics architecture in accordance with the requirements and technical needs to be met in the project or process.

Generation of synthetic data for AI model training

Ability to generate synthetic data that emulates the quality of the original data (initial data set) to facilitate the training of AI models and avoid the processing and direct use of real data.

Data sharing for training AI models

Provision of platform for data sharing: data storage; data sharing with customers and partners; establishment by the company or organisation of the conditions of use; frequency of access and customisable permissions; data analytics and AI application.

Concept testing services for validation of results prior to implementation

Support and/or creation of a project to implement a proof of concept that can validate the utility and feasibility of applying data technologies and the AI, as well as the best AI technology and models to use in implementing the subsequent final solution.

Testing and experimentation

Connecting between companies and organisations: matchmaking

Identifying the ideal contact to undertake a data and AI project is key for Catalan companies. Thus, CIDAI will help to put requesting organisations in contact with other organisations linked to AI and data. This matchmaking service can be carried out in two ways: by providing contact to these organisations or through support in making direct contact. The service will be based on the expert knowledge of Catalan and European organisations and companies of CIDAI partners and will later be complemented by the mapping work that CIDAI will carry out around AI and data. This service is intended primarily for companies.

Search for partners and innovation ecosystem

Training in AI and data

The training of staff who are in contact with AI and data technologies is essential for organisations to be competitive. To promote this to happen, CIDAI gives access to the CIDAI members’ AI and data-related training programme in an integrated way. Once the training-related shortcomings that may exist have been identified according to the demands received by the organisations, in the medium term CIDAI is expected to generate its own training programme that complements the training programme offered by CIDAI members. Regulated training is beyond the scope of this service.

  • Short training sessions (<10 hours): Cibernarium + Prototyping and Innovation Service (with BCN City Council); AI Business School (with Microsoft); LinkedIn & GitHub Tech Skills (with Microsoft); SDG Group Chair – UPF; CIDAI masterclasses and innovation workshops
  • Long-term training (> 10 hours): IT Academy Cibernarium; Microsoft Learn; Official Microsoft certifications; UPC Tech Talent Centre.
  • Personalised training: Barcelona Activa pre-incubation and pre-acceleration programmes; “Executive” courses at Visió per Computador i innovació (CVC); Lifelong training in technical vision at Visió per Computador (CVC); AI Academy by AI NTT DATA Centre of Excellence (with Everis); Eurecat Academy; IDEAI professional training; UPC Tech Talent Centre.



MareNostrum supercomputer

The MareNostrum 4 supercomputer has 48 racks with 3,456 nodes. Each node has two Intel Xeon Platinum chips, with 24 processors each, for a total of 165,888 processors and a core memory of 390 Terabytes.

MareNostrum supercomputer

CARLA synthetic data generation platform in virtual environments

The CARLA platform is a platform for generating synthetic data in virtual environments for learning autonomous driving models. It is an infrastructure support and access service aimed at companies that need this data and protocols to validate their developments.

CARLA synthetic data generation platform in virtual environments

Federated infrastructure open for experimentation and testing of data and AI solutions in industrial processes

Network of reconfigurable federated laboratories qualified for the deployment of tests and checks of data and AI solutions in terms of efficiency indicators, agility, rules of action, regulatory adaptation and environmental impact of data and AI solutions implemented in different industrial processes (for example chemical, mechanical, heat, electrolysis, cutting, injection, stamping, assembly, extrusion, welding, modelling, separation, platronics, etc.).

Federated infrastructure open for experimentation and testing of data and AI solutions in industrial processes

Urban Testing Sandbox

Urban Testing Sandbox is an initiative promoted by Barcelona City Council that facilitates the use of public spaces in the city to implement pilot innovation projects. The laboratory is located in the Sant Martí district, on the Llacuna-Pere IV line, and is expected to be extended to Ca l’Alier. It should enter into force in 2022.

Urban Testing Sandbox

Marketplace for hiring AI services in the cloud

Marketplace for hiring AI and machine learning cloud services directly from Microsoft or accredited Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Possibility to use the marketplace as a technology applicant and as a bidder (prior registration).

Marketplace for hiring AI services in the cloud

ChaLearn LAP platform and evaluation of reading systems

Platform for standardised evaluation of systems for the automatic analysis of human behaviour based on images, Look At People (reference metrics and datasets, web benchmark platform).

ChaLearn LAP platform and evaluation of reading systems

Robust Reading Competition Platform

Platform for standardised evaluation of reading systems (metrics and reference datasets, web benchmark platform).

Robust Reading Competition Platform

Living Lab Space

Space to foster innovation in exponential technologies and access to differential services (Market Intelligence, Digital Experience Research, AI Driven Design and Prototyping Studio) focused mainly on the public sector and private companies with technological maturity in AI.

Living Lab Space

Cognitive Robotics Laboratory

Infrastructure to support R&D in cognitive robotics and artificial vision, with equipment for industrial, collaborative robotics and mobile robotics (drones and AGV) to provide these elements with greater autonomy or automation from machine learning.

Cognitive Robotics Laboratory

Cybersecurity Laboratory

Experimental R&D laboratory for cybersecurity in critical and industrial infrastructure. It allows users to define simulation scenarios (using honeypots and other types of sensors) to deploy different analysis technologies based on machine learning applied to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Laboratory


Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity / Industrial Security

Cloud Platforms, Solutions & Services

Data analytics & Big Data Management in industry

Digital Twin

Embedded Systems

The Internet of Things

Industrial 5G

Smart Factory & Intelligent Manufacturing

Virtual and Augmented Reality


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