Autonomous and collaborative robotics

  • Advanced manufacturing and robotics
  • Monday 22 May 2023


  1. Introduction. Characteristics and terminology.
  2. How a robot works
  3. Collaborative robotics.
    3.1. Configuration of tools (example: gripper).
    3.2. Programming
    3.3. Interaction with external devices (sensors).
  4. Autonomous mobile robotics
    4.1. Terrestrial robots
    4.1.1. Types and applications
    4.1.2. Kinematic constraints and manoeuvrability
    4.1.3. Position estimation (SLAM)
    4.1.4. Planning of trajectories and obstacle avoidance
    4.1.5. Introduction to ROS
    4.2. Aerial Robots UAV’s
    4.2.1. Types and Applications
    4.2.2. Position Estimation: Sensor Navigation
    4.2.3. Control
    4.2.4. Aerial mapping and 3D reconstruction
    4.2.5. Ground Control Stations and Communication Protocols
    4.2.6. Open-source autopilots

Objectiu de l'acte

Learn the basics of the operation and programming of collaborative, autonomous and aerial robots (UAV’s).

T'interessa si ets...

Engineering students, technicians, professionals in the scientific or technological fields, with an interest in the applications of terrestrial and aerial robotics.