Cyber-Physical System Industrial

  • Smart connectivity
  • Tuesday 31 October 2023 - Wednesday 31 December 2025
  • Free

The purpose of this workshop is to extend the capabilities of the cloud platform based on an already developed IoT architecture. Specifically, regarding its computational capabilities on a practical case in which vibration data of an industrial equipment is monitored, thus generating a platform inspired by the concept of cyber-physical system.

For this purpose, it is necessary to consider several tools that will allow:

  • Generate communication flows between devices and between applications over an environment for their development (i.e. Node-RED), integrating different communication protocols (i.e. Modbus and HTTP).
  • Learn to use programming environments (i.e. Python) for data processing applications that allow the integration of an artificial intelligence layer.
  • Display in a data visualization panel (i.e. Grafana) the raw data from the industrial environment as well as the data processed by the application.

The workshop is developed through a set of guided stages based on textual indications and explanatory videos. The reading and viewing of these instructions will provide an overview of the particular system to be developed. However, it is recommended to replicate the indicated steps for a better understanding and management of the environments introduced in this workshop.

It should be noted that this workshop is complemented by the MOOC Workshop Internet of Things Industrial, where a virtual environment is generated from which the platform complemented here is generated.

Finally, due to the high number of open source software resources considered in this workshop, it is possible that some of the versions considered correspond to versions that are not updated with respect to those available during the workshop. It is recommended, in this sense, to use whenever possible the versions referred to in this workshop, in order to ensure compatibility between applications.