Energy Management in Industry. Application of technologies to reduce the environmental impact and energy waste in your company.

  • Transversal services
  • Thursday 29 February 2024 - Thursday 27 June 2024 From 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • 1.200€

Methodology based on the teaching of theory and thematic classroom workshops where students will put into practice the concepts applied to the concrete reality of their company.
Each of the master sessions will be given by an expert/academic from CITCEA-UPC.


Objectiu de l'acte

  • To know the key technological tools in the energy management of the industry.
  • Make decisions towards energy transition and cost reduction in relation to:
    • Digitization.
    • Optimization.
    • Integration of monitoring technologies.
    • Learn to develop a concrete action plan to achieve the established objectives: Application of techniques/technologies for the decarbonization of the industry and waste optimization.

T'interessa si ets...

Management, IT Department Managers, Operations/Maintenance Department Managers, Professionals with an engineering profile who wish to specialize in the field of energy, Personnel in charge of industry facilities: manufacturers, logistics centers, production lines, photovoltaic and wind energy operators, Suppliers linked to the energy sector; technology developers.