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  • Friday 13 September 2024 - Friday 18 October 2024 Course that will be taught through multimedia didactic material within the virtual campus of Pimec. The student will have complementary videoconferences with the tutor-trainer on Monday 16/09, 30/09 and 14/10 18:00 to 20:00.

When you lead a group, one of your challenges is to achieve the maximum potential of each person in your team. With Neuroleadership you will identify the brain processes that explain your behavior and that of your team, so that you will be able to establish differential motivations that will allow each professional to express his or her maximum potential and, consequently, that of the company.

Objectiu de l'acte

Main objectives:

  • Identify brain dominances in work teams and improvements in soft skills through neuroscience.

Particular objectives:

  • To describe the functioning of our brain, its structure, its main characteristics, the different brain dominances, as well as the way it is programmed.
  • Identify leadership styles through emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

T'interessa si ets...

  • Participants Requirements In case you do not meet the requirements or cannot find the academic documentation, you can access this training by taking a simple online access test. REQUIREMENTS: Basic FP Certificate, Graduated in ESO, having passed the entrance test to medium level training courses, Certificate of professionalism level 1 or any higher qualification. Observations: This course will be developed in ONLINE mode. This modality will allow you to take the course on the virtual campus where you will be able to combine the ONLINE learning of the theoretical contents and the realization of practical exercises at your own pace, depending on your availability, and always accompanied by the tutor to guide you in everything that is necessary. In addition, you can attend the classes live by VIDEOCONFERENCE with the tutor according to the calendar detailed in the section of the timetable. Videoconferences are not charged. The course content is in Catalan. Subsidized course.