NEXT EDITION – Digital Transformation Management Postgraduate Course

  • Smart connectivity
  • Tuesday 01 October 2024 Friday: 16:30 to 20:30 and Saturday: 09:30 to 13:30
  • 3.900€

Digital Transformation (DT) is one of the greatest economic and social challenges for the competitiveness of companies worldwide. Organizations in any sector have to adapt their structures and operations to new business models, different competitive environments and changes in value chains, as well as incorporate new professional profiles. Organizational leaders and managers must be able to quickly acquire new skills, methodologies and competencies. They must also be aware of the impact, challenges and opportunities of new disruptive technologies and incorporate new concepts in decision-making processes. All this, in order to achieve agile organizations, adaptable to change and, therefore, competitive and sustainable over time.

Adequate training of managers and middle management is key to achieve a fast, consistent and effective TD of organizations.

This postgraduate course in Digital Transformation Management will train students to promote, design, manage and lead the digital transformation of different companies and organizations with the best guarantees of success.

The teaching team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the professional and technological world, who have led and managed several TDs in different areas. Throughout the program, all the elements involved in the TD of an organization will be worked on: corporate strategy, the review and definition of the business model focused on the customer, change management associated with the culture and people of your organization, data as the basic and strategic axis of the business, digital innovation, new platforms and methodologies, to cybersecurity and disruptive technologies (such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things or blockchain).

This program offers an executive, practical and applied management vision of TD, focused on use cases, a fact that fosters the critical vision of the students. In addition, during the program we will be working teams for the development of a real project.

Throughout the program we will have some conferences of professionals, experts in complementary topics (augmented reality, quantum technologies, etc.) to know the present and future state.

Objectiu de l'acte

  • Acquire a global vision of TD that reaches business functions, technologies and people.
  • To understand the challenges and opportunities that TD brings to organizations.
  • Jointly analyze the integration of available technologies to create initiatives or actions of value within the framework of TD projects.
  • Know how to align the global strategy of the organization with the TD strategy.
  • Identify leadership skills to involve all people in the organization in TD.
  • To learn about good TD practices in different companies, as well as cases in which success and objectives have not been achieved.

T'interessa si ets...

Professionals who occupy or want to occupy positions of responsibility and are involved in the TD of the organization, be it a company, organization or public or private entity. They can come from areas as diverse as general management, marketing/commercial, finance, human resources, legal, operations, production or innovation, or from both ICT and operational technologies. Particularly aimed at executive profiles (CDO, CEO, CIO and middle management) and those responsible for business strategy (CFO, COO, CHRM, CMO and CSO) who will participate in the design and management of TD strategic plans. Professionals with experience in leading and managing projects and services who want to update their knowledge to participate in strategic TD programs and projects.