Smart City World Congress 2022 – FEM-IoT Success Stories Presentation: Connected Street Infrastructures

  • Smart connectivity
  • Thursday 17 November 2022 - Thursday 01 January 1970 From 10 am to 12 pm

FEM-IoT is a cluster to promote transfer and research in the Internet of Things sector.

In this event, several of the members will present the different proposals of the Connected Street Infrastructures project. This project aims to contribute to the definition, implementation and development of street infrastructures in the smart city of the future in order to design a global architecture that can respond to all the connectivity and service needs of an urban environment.


  • Presentation of the FEM-IoT project by i2CAT.
  • Presentation of the project by Marisa Catalan (i2CAT).
  • Presentation of the main success stories and results by the partners:

Trajectory prediction system using machine learning techniques, by Raúl Parada (CTTC).

Instant detection of pedestrians and bicycles crossing pedestrian crossings, by Enric Sala (CVC).

Ultra-low power electronics for harvesting devices, by Claudia Delgado (Eurecat).

V2X reference kit: Stack and demonstration applications, by Jordi Marias (i2CAT – UPC-WNG).

LoRa and LR-FHSS as IoT connectivity technologies at urban scale, by Xavi Vilajosana (UOC).

Adaptive sampling in wireless IoT networks, by Fernando Maura (UPF).

Access control to low emission zones, by Carles Anglès (URV).

  • Coffee break.
  • Round table to discuss the results, led by i2CAT.
  • Closing of the event.


Objectiu de l'acte

FEM-IoT will present the results achieved during the implementation of the Connected Street Infrastructures project.

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