Funding Opportunities

Descobreix les oportunitats de finançament per testejar tecnologies avançades
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Programa de Apoyo a los Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH)

Obertura Convocatòria: 30/01/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 30/09/2025
This call aims to improve the competitiveness of Spanish SMEs, in any productive sector, by providing advisory services and support in innovation for the implementation of disruptive digital technologies.

ADMA TranS4MErs - Transformation Programme

Obertura Convocatòria: 03/04/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 17/01/2024
The ADMA TranS4MErs Transformation Programme offers vouchers to design and implement your Digital Transformation Plan and boost your journey towards becoming a Factory of the Future in two stages: Design and Revamp.


Obertura Convocatòria: 06/09/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 08/11/2023
Aims at supporting the adoption of technologies by SMEs, to ensure more sustainability in their value chain. A sum of €60,000 per project in a consortium of two SMEs. Thus, €30,000 per SME, will be allocated to the winners. The firms targeted for the EuroBoosTEX call for proposals are innovative textile SMEs or start-ups, and advanced manufacturing SMEs to support textile companies in their digital transformation.

GEMSTONE Call – GreenAdopt

Obertura Convocatòria: 01/09/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 31/10/2023
Aims to facilitate the adoption of green smart solution by industrial European SMEs. The ambition of the call is to foster the implementation of a new green technology, service, product or business production process in a real operational environment. Proposals will aim at implementing functional solution and demonstrate the green transition of the SMEs. Up to 15 projects will obtain support up to €40,000 per project.

POLREC Open Call for Innovation in Recycling Polymer Wastes

Obertura Convocatòria: 01/09/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 31/10/2023
Offers funding for projects under 3 sub-topics : 1) Testing of solutions for the chemical recycling of polymer waste, with a maximum budget of €30,000 per SME. 2) Testing solutions for the mechanical recycling of polymer waste, with a maximum budget of €30,000 per SME. 3) Digitisation of polymer waste recycling processes to ensure traceability and control, with a maximum budget of €20,000 per SME.