Funding Opportunities

Descobreix les oportunitats de finançament per testejar tecnologies avançades
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Programa de Apoyo a los Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH)

Obertura Convocatòria: 30/01/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 30/09/2025
This call aims to improve the competitiveness of Spanish SMEs, in any productive sector, by providing advisory services and support in innovation for the implementation of disruptive digital technologies.

ACCIÓ Coupons for Advanced Digital Technologies

Obertura Convocatòria: 16/05/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 28/07/2023
ACCIÓ Coupons for Advanced Digital Technologies will allow you to experiment with new technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of your company. Take the technological leap and hire advisory services to test and experiment with advanced technologies before investing in them. A unique opportunity that you can do through the technology teams of the Catalonia Digital Innovation Hub.


Obertura Convocatòria: 17/05/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 14/06/2023
30 EU start-ups will be better equipped with the skills, processes and connections to scale faster and more efficiently. As well as a stronger and more refined base from which to increase their market footprint to Europe and globally, and to access key funding instruments in the future. Increased connectivity between startups and their peers, potential investors, customers, partners and other ecosystem actors at national, regional and EU level.


Obertura Convocatòria: 04/04/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 06/06/2023
X2.0 and the AgriTech Cohort will focus on supporting start-ups that drive technology, innovation and data analytics to improve agricultural production and address the challenges faced by farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole, with the setup of a customised, needs-based 5-month deep tech programme.