Funding Opportunities

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Programa de Apoyo a los Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH)

Obertura Convocatòria: 30/01/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 30/09/2025
This call aims to improve the competitiveness of Spanish SMEs, in any productive sector, by providing advisory services and support in innovation for the implementation of disruptive digital technologies.

TARGET-X 2nd Open Call

Obertura Convocatòria: 06/12/2023
Fi Convocatòria: 28/02/2024
TARGET-X is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the HORIZON EUROPE program. It is coordinated by FRAUNHOFER Gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung Ev with the participation of 14 consortium partners from 6 countries. See details at The vision of TARGET-X is to strengthen important economic sectors to Europe by integrating 5G and 6G, accelerating the digital transformation. The proposed activities have to address performance testing or development of devices or solutions targeting technology providers and use cases applicable to a single topic in one of the following verticals: Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive, Construction and other topics for the development of new devices/solutions, and other topics for evaluation with the KPI&KVI based evaluation methodological framework. Funding: up to €60,000 per entity for testing or implementation of use case oriented technologies. In the case of for-profit companies, the maximum grant amount is 70% of the eligible costs necessary to implement the project. Eligibility: SME, University or Research and Technology organization. Or micro-partnership formed by 2 entities (see details in Guide for Applicants).     GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS Contact: