Closing and Visit to the Demonstrators of the Emerging Group Looming Factory

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Advanced manufacturing and robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Smart connectivity
  • Thursday 01 December 2022 09.45 am to 01.00 pm

On 22 November and 1 December, the Closing of the Looming Factory Emerging Cluster, a project that ends on 31 December 2022, will be held.

From the coordination it is reported that the presentation of the results has been organised in two sessions:

– In the first one, the Closing Assembly will be held, where the results obtained by the Smart Factory, Connected Factory, Robots on Factory, and Factories of the Future projects will be shown. It should be noted that this day will be exclusively for members of the Association.

– In the second one, the Demonstrators will be visited in the pilot plant of the FCIM UPC. This is an institutional event, which will be attended by the Government of Catalonia, the public administration and companies invited by the members of the Association.

Objectiu de l'acte

Visit the demonstrators located in the pilot plant of the FCIM UPC.

T'interessa si ets...

A company invited by the members of the Association, the Generalitat or the public administration.