Robotics in manufacturing

  • Advanced manufacturing and robotics
  • Tuesday 18 June 2024 From 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Eurecat is pleased to invite you to an exclusive day dedicated to explore the transformative potential of robotics in today’s industry and society, offering an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences between industry experts and Eurecat staff.

During the day, Eurecat, together with some of the collaborating companies, will explain:

  • The latest innovations and success stories in the use of industrial and collaborative robotics in smart and flexible manufacturing.
  • Latest trends and challenges of applied research in advanced robotics: dexterous manipulation, autonomous mobility, cognitive robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Examples of new application domains such as recycling, construction, agriculture and assistive robotics.

It will conclude with a visit to the Eurecat Cerdanyola laboratories to learn about the concept of “Pilot Plant”: a laboratory for innovation with companies developed in the national project Red Cervera 5R.


Objectiu de l'acte

To know the main trends and applications of robotics and industrial automation.


T'interessa si ets...

Executives and managers of companies in industrial sectors seeking to optimize production processes and improve competitiveness. Technical and engineering professionals interested in learning about the latest technologies in robotics and advanced manufacturing. Entrepreneurs and startups looking to explore new business opportunities in the field of robotics and automation.