Course on the practical application of AI in the optimization of industrial processes

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Wednesday 18 September 2024 - Wednesday 09 October 2024 From 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Free

This intensive course, designed for professionals and advanced students, offers a deep dive into the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industrial process optimization. The proposed course is designed to enable students to understand and use the tools, techniques and applications of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve industrial manufacturing processes.

Through a program structured in four sessions, the course provides a solid and comprehensive foundation for understanding and applying artificial intelligence in the industrial sector. Participants will acquire fundamental knowledge of data analytics, machine learning and deep learning, and their application in the industrial sector. Essential topics such as machine monitoring, optimization of key metrics through digital twins and energy efficiency will be addressed.

With over 10 years of experience, our experts will guide students through real-world use cases and practical applications, providing a solid foundation for implementing AI solutions in manufacturing. This course will not only teach participants to analyze the current context of AI in industry, but will also equip them with the skills needed to lead AI projects in their own working environments.

Objectiu de l'acte

  • To analyze the current context of artificial intelligence in industrial processes.
  • To know the necessary steps to successfully address an AI implementation project in industrial processes.
  • Obtain a broad perspective of the possibilities of AI based on real applications in industry and diverse use cases within the manufacturing sector: machinery, processes and final product.

T'interessa si ets...

Aimed at company employees involved either in the design, supervision and optimization of industrial processes or in their digitalization processes.